Vitl VTS Heat Sealer >
A variable temperature heat sealer for a wide range of microplates
MicroTS Heat Sealer >
A compact, fixed temperature heat sealer for PCR plates and microplates

Laboratory Heat Sealers

Laboratory heat sealers are ideal for a variety of applications. Laboratories enlist laboratory heat sealers for creating package samples, testing materials, evaluating extruded film, QC testing, and gathering information about printing inks. 

There are various types of laboratory heat sealers, including variable temperature heat sealers and fixed temperature heat sealers. Browse our selection of laboratory heat sealers or contact our team to buy for your laboratory today!

Vitl VTS Heat Sealer

The Vitl VTS heat sealer is a variable temperature heat sealer. This time of laboratory heat sealer offers maximum flexibility and various temperature settings for your desired applications.

MicroTS Heat Sealer

The other type of laboratory heat sealer is a fixed temperature heat sealer. The MicroTS heat sealer offers a compact and consistent application. It has a small footprint — meaning it takes up minimal space in the laboratory — and is ideal for small quantities. It’s hand-operated and easy to use, so you can feel confident that your samples are protected from evaporation and contamination.

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