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We don’t wait to get your preferred products in the door. We work with you to keep your most used items in stock and ready to go.
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What your lab needs. When your lab needs it.

diaago is a team of dedicated professionals with experience in laboratory operations, manufacturing, international supply chain, and best practices.
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We've Gone Global!

diaago has expanded to support global markets with a new office and warehouse in the European Union in recognition of the international nature of research.

Your work influences healthcare decisions everyday.

With diaago, you can be at ease knowing your lab is stocked and fully prepared for whatever the day brings. From blood banking and hematology, to microbiology and infectious diseases, diaago has the supplies you need at the ready.
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February Promotions

Roses are red, violets are blue, These items are in stock, just for you!
Celebrate February with diaago!

February Essentials

Roses are red, violets are blue, and these items are in stock, just for you! Introducing the new Tube Reader Delta50 from AFYS3G, a one-of-a-kind camera-based rack reader that can decode 1D rack barcodes and 2D Data-Matrix tube codes.

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February Promotions!

Celebrate February with diaago! Let's #discovermore together!

Keep your research going the diaago way!

  • Fast Response Times for Quotes and your Questions
  • Source new products that will maintain the integrity of your research
  • Discover a wide variety of products to meet your research needs.
  • diaago has fully stocked warehouses and we are ready for your order!
  • Talk to our logistics team and access the most up to date products.
  • Our experts can recommend best practices, operating procedures, and lifelong support services

It’s time to simplify your laboratory and make things easier.

1. Speak with a Human

No button mashing to get to a representative. We're here to discuss your needs and find solutions.

2. Customizable Solutions

Your research is unique. We want to make sure you have the right products for your specific applications.

3. Get Products on Time

Our shipping and logistics experts will ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

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“The thing that I respect most in working with diaago is my confidence that they will do the very best possible to help our collective customers. The team has an open and friendly approach which is very refreshing and makes being a diaago partner a true pleasure.”
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