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For the Science of It All

diaago's blog covers insights, and a behind-the-scenes look at life sciences, telling the stories of product manufacturing, science marketing, and exciting news about research that is impacting the need for accessible lab ware.
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The Evolution of Laboratory Equipment: From Manual to Automated Systems

The Evolution of Laboratory Equipment: From Manual to Automated Systems
Jun 26 2024 Read More

Ensure Peak Performance Of Your CS-700 Series With Our Service Plan

Unlock Lab Efficiency: Introducing Our CS 700 Series Service Plan - Your Key to Uninterrupted Productivity!
Jun 01 2024 Read More
HIIT vs Endurance Training Study 12 week Training Intervention Research

Personalized Exercise Research Study from Stanford Healthcare Innovation Lab

From coaches to clinicians, there is no consensus on which type of exercise is best for maximizing aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health. In this study, Stanford University will explore two of the most popular methods of exercise training.
Aug 08 2023 Read More
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Dig up some treasures for your lab this June!

Join us this June and find some special treasures for your lab.
Jun 01 2023 Read More
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Feliz Cinco De Mayo

Para el Cinco de Mayo queremos hablar sobre dos (de muchos) increíbles científicos de México. Además, haga clic en el enlace para escuchar algunas canciones geniales.
May 05 2023 Read More
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May is all about Equipment in the Lab

In May we are highlighting some of our products that work great in the lab! Benchtop/Undercounter Freezers, Tube Readers, and equipment with a small footprint.
May 01 2023 Read More
World Book D Ay

World Book Day

World Book Day is to promote reading, publishing, and copyright.Here are some great books about Science we'd like to share to celebrate!
Apr 23 2023 Read More
World Creativity and Innovation Day

World Creativity and Innovation Day

Today is World Creativity and Innovation Day Which helps raise awareness of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development.
Apr 21 2023 Read More
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April is all about colors at diaago

In April, we are highlighting the wide variety of colors we offer for a range of products! Check out the color variations we offer for Capclusters, Pipettes, and Plug Caps.
Mar 29 2023 Read More
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International Women's Day

In honor of International Women's Day this year, we are highlighting these talented women whose work involves the intersection of art and science. Check out their impressive contributions: Rebecca Rutstein Emily Calandrelli Unbiased Science Podcast
Mar 08 2023 Read More
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Celebrate March with diaago

In March we're offering a free DT500 with the purchase of 10 units of 1.40ml Hybrid Tubes. Also, if you order a BeadBug3 you can get a free Bead Pack with your order! Continuing the celebration of March, check out the many Plates from Irish Life Science!
Mar 01 2023 Read More
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Organize & save freezer space!

Rack 'em up in the New Year! Check out our wide selection of racks for all of your lab needs: cryogenic, sample thawing, freezer racks, and general sample storage.
Jan 05 2023 Read More
Lab essentials gone global

Gone Global

Global Labware Distribution for life science and research communities. Laboratory equipment, supplies, consumables, unique services, and so much more.
Jan 05 2023 Read More
Lab essentials year end

End of the Year Budget Items

Short on time? Short on budget? We've got refurbished and demo equipment ready to work for you!
Dec 19 2022 Read More
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Tubes, tubes, and more tubes!

We carry a wide variety of tubes, what kind does your lab use and need? Cryogenic, sample storage, light sensitive, or transport?
Nov 30 2022 Read More
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