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Accuracy and efficiency at any throughput.

It’s imperative that diagnostic laboratories and testing centers not only have the labware and consumables they need, but can speak with a human and get what they need, when they need it.Sample handling, preservation, storage, and more. Our experts can recommend the perfect product or service for your application.

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Need a quote fast? Have an urgent question for our laboratory experts? At diaago, we know lab hours aren’t 9 to 5. We’re available whenever you need us, no button mashing required.

What You Need, When You Need It

Looking for that ONE product everyone seems to be out of? We have fully stocked warehouses across the US (not to mention an all-star logistics team) to keep your research going.

Sourcing Products

Running into problems with discontinued or unavailable items? Our experts can locate a similar product to maintain the integrity of your research and eliminate any variables or risk.

Where do I begin?

If your laboratory is just starting out, or if you’re concerned about what equipment or labware you need to begin a specific project, diaago’s team of experts can recommend best practices, operating procedures, and provide lifelong support services.


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