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Alcohol Prep Pads

BaaySCI’s Alcohol Prep Pads are perfect for skin prep prior to injection. 100…
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Crystalclearrazewand CR 18 AA 01

Clear-Raze UVC Wand

Why use harsh and messy chemicals when you can easily disinfect surfaces and objects with UV…
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Baaysci barcode scanner 1

Barcode Scanner (1D and 2D)

BaaySCI’s Barcode Scanner is compact with a sleek design and major functionality. For 1D and 2D…
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Uncapped 1.40ml External Thread Tubes in 96-4 Rack with High Cover

The 1.40ml External Thread Tubes in 96-4 Rack with High Cover offers secure and organized…
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Untitled design

1.40ml Tubes External Thread Bulk

This 1.40ml Tubes External Thread Bulk (960/bag) is designed for high-volume sample storage in…
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Tracxer RD 235 Code Reader

The high-end Tracxer RD 235 Code Reader whole racks filled with 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes. The…
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Z307 left facing web

Z307 Universal Centrifuge

The Z307 compact universal laboratory centrifuge offers a wide range of applications covering…
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Product sliders 4

High Speed Rack Reader Delta50

The High-Speed Rack Reader Delta50 is a one-of-a-kind camera-based rack reader that can…
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96 1 1 1 1024x1016 1

Micronic EFC 96-1 Rack RM

The Micronic Eco-Friendly Choice 96-1 Rack RM is crafted from 99% recycled…
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Rack without cover 1024x1024 2

Micronic EFC 96-3 Rack RM

The Micronic EFC 96-3 Rack RM is constructed from 99% recycled material. It is…
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96 2 1 1024x1024

Micronic EFC 96-2 Rack RM

Constructed from 99% recycled material, the Micronic Eco-Friendly Choice Rack…
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