SPL Guard Arizona

SKU: G20620
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The SPL Guard Arizona is a unique thawing station for uniform and fast thawing of samples. The Arizona thaws a complete rack from -80°C to 5°C in only 6 minutes. The SPL Guard Arizona stops thawing when the desired temperature is reached and confirms this with a beeping sound. The thawing station is compatible with a wide range of SBS-format racks from different brands, such as Micronic, Azenta Life Sciences, Matrix, and LVL Technologies.

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  • Only ambient air is used to thaw samples.
  • Real-time temperature data on the display during the thawing cycle provides process insights.
  • The automatic stop (indicated with a beeping sound) when the calibrated temperature has been reached ensures that samples can be processed more quickly for downstream use.
  • A consistent and reproducible solution for a variety of samples and reagents.
  • Compatible with standard SBS-format racks.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Cycle time of 6 minutes (from -80°C to 5°C).
  • The Arizona has a dimensions of 734x233x133 (mm)

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