Micronic Rack Reader DR700

SKU: MP35230
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The high-end Micronic DR700 Rack Reader offers rapid and accurate scanning of whole racks of 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes, featuring a CCD image sensor for high-resolution accuracy. Its anti-frost system allows for direct scanning from the freezer. With fast scan times of 7 seconds for racks and 2 seconds for single tubes, and bundled with the new Micronic Code Reader Software, it ensures seamless integration and reliable performance.

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Micronic Rack Reader DR700 Features

The Micronic DR700 Rack Reader is a high-end solution designed for laboratories that demand rapid and accurate scanning of 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes. Featuring advanced CCD image sensor technology, the DR700 ensures the highest accuracy in code reading. Its built-in anti-frost system allows for efficient scanning of tubes directly from the freezer, maintaining sample integrity and streamlining laboratory workflows.

Key Features:

  • High-Resolution CCD Image Sensor: Ensures precise and accurate reading of 2D Data-Matrix and 1D barcodes.
  • Anti-Frost System: Enables scanning of frozen samples without condensation, preserving the integrity of your samples.
  • Fast Scan Times: Capable of scanning entire racks of tubes in just 7 seconds and single tubes in 2 seconds, enhancing laboratory efficiency.
  • Micronic Code Reader Software: The new software is easy to install, provides reliable code readings, and integrates smoothly into any laboratory sample database.

Product Features:

  • Compatibility: The DR700 is compatible with most brands of 2D Data-Matrix tubes, making it a versatile choice for various laboratory setups.
  • Embedded Software: The Micronic Code Reader Software included with the DR700 ensures optimal performance and ease of use.


The DR700 utilizes a CCD image sensor to capture high-resolution images of 1D and 2D codes, guaranteeing accurate and reliable scanning results. This technology is pivotal for laboratories that require precise sample tracking and management.


Ideal for use in pharmaceutical research, clinical diagnostics, and biobanking, the Micronic DR700 Rack Reader enhances sample management efficiency with its fast and accurate scanning capabilities. Its compatibility with most 2D Data-Matrix tubes and robust performance make it a critical tool for high-throughput laboratory environments.

The Micronic DR700 Rack Reader combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features to deliver a superior scanning solution. Its high-resolution CCD image sensor, anti-frost system, and fast scan times make it an indispensable asset for laboratories aiming to improve accuracy and efficiency in sample management. Contact us for a quote or virtual demo today!

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