Micronic Rack Reader DR505

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The Micronic Rack Reader DR505 is a compact, cost-effective solution for reading whole racks of 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes. Equipped with a passive anti-frost system, it minimizes condensation on frozen samples, ensuring accurate and efficient scanning. This high-throughput benchtop reader is bundled with Micronic Code Reader Software for optimal performance and supports optional Micronic Side Barcode Reader for simultaneous 1D rack barcode reading.

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Micronic Rack Reader DR505 Features

The Micronic Rack Reader DR505 is an advanced, compact device designed for high-throughput laboratories that require efficient and accurate reading of 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes. Built for performance and reliability, this cost-effective benchtop solution excels in scanning whole racks quickly and efficiently. Its robust design incorporates a passive anti-frost system, which significantly reduces condensation when scanning frozen samples, thereby preserving the integrity of your samples and improving overall productivity.


  • Reads a whole rack (in 96-, 48-, or 24-well format) in less than 5 seconds and a single 96-well format tube in less than 2 seconds
  • Anti-frost system minimizes condensation of frozen samples on the scanner plate
  • Compatible with most brands of 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes
  • Scans and decodes 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes
  • Small benchtop solution
  • Easy-to-use Micronic Code Reader Software
  • Outputs CSV-files (text)

Key Features:

  • High-Throughput Scanning: The DR505 is capable of reading entire racks of 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes within seconds, making it ideal for busy laboratory environments.
  • Anti-Frost System: Equipped with a passive anti-frost system, the DR505 minimizes condensation on the scanner plate, ensuring accurate reading of tube codes from frozen samples.
  • Compact and Cost-Effective: This small benchtop reader is designed to fit seamlessly into any lab setup, offering a space-saving, cost-efficient solution for sample management.
  • Micronic Code Reader Software: Bundled with Micronic’s advanced software, the DR505 ensures optimal performance and easy integration into your lab's existing workflows.

Enhanced Performance and Versatility:

The DR505's ability to read 2D codes from frozen samples without compromising on speed or accuracy makes it a valuable addition to any laboratory. Its compact size and cost-effective design do not compromise on performance, delivering reliable results in high-throughput settings.

For labs that require simultaneous 1D barcode reading, the optional Micronic Side Barcode Reader can be integrated, further enhancing the DR505's functionality and versatility.


Ideal for applications in pharmaceutical research, clinical diagnostics, and biobanking, the Micronic Rack Reader DR505 ensures efficient sample identification and management. Its capability to handle high volumes of samples quickly and accurately makes it a preferred choice for laboratories aiming to enhance productivity and streamline operations.

The Micronic Rack Reader DR505 is a versatile, reliable, and high-performance tool for any laboratory seeking to improve sample management efficiency. Its advanced features, including the anti-frost system and comprehensive software package, make it an essential device for accurate and efficient sample scanning, even under challenging conditions.

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