HT700 Tube Handler

SKU: MP35500
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Next level sorting and managing of your valuable samples with the HT700 Tube Handler . The automated handler answers the need for sorting sample storage tubes more efficiently, quickly and safely. The HT700 is capable of 550 sample tubes per hour enabled by the minimum distance between the sample to be picked and the target rack. Due to the unique and advanced design, the device has a small footprint and a large capacity.

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HT700 Tube Handler Features

Enhance your sample sorting and management with the HT700 Tube Handler. This automated handler offers efficient, quick, and safe sorting of sample storage tubes. Its unique design combines a small footprint with large capacity, enabling fast sorting with minimal distance between the sample and target rack. The closed system ensures user safety.

Simply load a "pick list" generated from a LIMS system onto the device via USB stick. The HT700 automatically selects and places desired tubes in a target rack. It can accommodate up to 24 source racks and 1-3 target racks, with a log-file generated upon completion. When paired with Micronic tubes, this device is a reliable choice for various sample storage tube applications.


  • 550 sample tubes per hour enabled by the minimum distance between the sample to be picked and the target rack
  • Unique integrated dual (1D rack barcode and 2D tube code) check
  • The HT700 was designed as an enclosed system for operator safety. There’s also a separate safety stop to ensure sample protection.
  • Space efficient due to the unique 'cassette' design instead of placing racks side by side on a platform
  • Automatic linking between rack ID and rack position instead of using a separate 1D barcode reader
  • The HT700 has a user-friendly software that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

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