EVA Push Caps

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EVA Push Caps are a cost effective way to securely close sample storage tubes in a 96-well format. The EVA Push Caps for tubes in 96-well format are compatible with the 0.50ml, 0.75ml, 1.10ml, 1.40ml, 2.00ml, and 2.50ml tubes from Micronic.

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Several EVA cap formats are available: the EVA Capmat-96 holds 96 caps in a fixed format, the EVA Capband-8 comes in a strip of 8 caps and the EVA break-off Capband-8 allows individual caps to be removed from the strip.


  • Multi-pierceable without losing seal integrity
  • Compatible with Micronic tubes in 96-format
  • Resists chemical solvents
  • Compliant with the US and European Food contact regulations
  • Class 7 clean room production
  • RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free


Pre-capped on Micronic Tubes

All Micronic cap types are available pre-capped on Micronic Tubes. Micronic Screw Cap Tubes can be sealed with either a Screw Cap or Push Cap. Micronic Push Cap Tubes can be sealed with a Push Cap.

Sterilization using Gamma Irradiation

Upon request, Micronic products can be supplied gamma irradiated. Irradiation itself cannot guarantee that the product is free from any detectable RNases, DNases or pyrogens. Class 7 clean room prod uction is therefore an essential requirement.

Sterilization using EtO Treatment

Upon request, Micronic products can be supplied ethylene oxide treated. Using a novel ethylene oxide treatment process - Micronic’s consumable products are independently certified to be absolutely DNA- free and therefore provide the perfect medium for long-term, high integrity storage of forensic samples. Micronic is offering the DNA-free products in a special Tyvek packaging.



EVA Capband break-off for capping 1 tube



EVA Capband for capping 8 tubes



EVA Capband for capping 8 tubes



EVA Capmat for capping 96 tubes



EVA Capmat for capping 96 tubes for Comorack-96 only (polycarbonate)


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