Z307 Universal Centrifuge

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The Z307 compact universal laboratory centrifuge offers a wide range of applications covering clinical, research, and industrial laboratory use. The Z307 offers many accessories, including rotors for microplates and high-speed fixed angle rotors for microtubes and centrifuge tubes up to 50 ml. The swing-out rotors can load all common tubes such as blood collection tubes,15/50 ml tubes, and even 200 ml tubes. This wide range of accessories makes the Z307 laboratory centrifuge indispensable in research laboratories and clinical hospital laboratories.

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Z307 Universal Centrifuge Features

The Z307 universal laboratory centrifuge boasts a maintenance-free induction drive, microprocessor with LCD display, and automatic RFID rotor identification with over speed protection. It includes active imbalance identification and cut-off, and a variety of rotors and accessories. Manufactured to meet international safety regulations, it offers an audible signal at the end of each run, easy rotor exchange, and a noise level under 63 dBA at maximum speed. The improved ventilation system keeps samples cool in its stainless steel chamber.

  • Swing out rotors accept up to 4 x 200ml (16 x 15ml or 8 x 50ml)
  • Swing out plate rotor accepts deepwell plates
  • High-Speed microtube rotors (up to 18,624xg)
  • Fixed angle rotors from 1.5/2.0ml up to 50ml




Swing out rotor with 4 buckets, 4 x 200ml (4,500rpm/3,350xg), requires inserts (see pdf literature for a full listing)


Swing out rotor without buckets, 4 x 200ml (4,500rpm/3,350xg), requires inserts (see pdf literature for a full listing)


Swing Out Rotor, 4 x 145ml, (4,500rpm/3,350xg) accepts 1.5ml up to 145ml tubes, requires inserts (see pdf literature for a full listing)


Swing out rotor with 4 buckets and lids, 4 x 100ml (4,000rpm/2,611xg), requires inserts (see pdf literature for a full listing)


Swing out rotor, no buckets, 4 x 100ml (4,000rpm/2,611xg), requires inserts (see pdf literature for a full listing)


Swing Out Rotor, 2 x 3 Microplates (4,500 rpm/ 2,716 xg)


Rotor, 30 x 15ml (4,500rpm/2,830xg)


Rotor, 12 x 15ml (6,000rpm/4,427xg)


Rotor, 6 x 50ml (6,000rpm/4,427xg)


Rotor, 12 x 5ml conical (14,000rpm/18,624xg)


Rotor, 24 x 1.5/2.0ml with hermetically sealed Quick-Seal lid (14,000rpm/18,624xg)


Rotor, 24 x 1.5/2.0ml, hermetically sealed aluminum lid (14,000rpm/18,624xg)


Rotor, 30 x 1.5/2.0ml with Quick-Seal lid (12,000rpm/15,131xg)

For a complete list of accessories, please see the product literature.

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