PRE 60 Upright Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

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Explore the PRE 60 Upright Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, designed for pharmaceutical applications with a compact countertop design. This model features a 60-liter capacity and a double-pane glass door, maintaining temperatures between +2°C to +8°C. Ideal for small spaces, it ensures energy efficiency and reliable temperature control, making it a cost-effective solution for pharmaceutical storage needs.

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Arctiko PRE 60 Upright Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Features

The ARCTIKO PRE 60 Upright Pharmaceutical Refrigerator is engineered to meet the exacting standards of pharmaceutical storage, offering a compact and convenient countertop solution that maximizes space efficiency without sacrificing essential features. With a generous 60-liter capacity and a durable double-pane glass door, this refrigerator provides clear visibility of contents while effectively maintaining temperatures between +2°C to +8°C.

Key Features:

  • Compact Countertop Design: Perfect for laboratories and pharmacies with limited space, allowing for easy placement and accessibility.
  • Double Pane Glass Door: Enhances visibility and insulation, ensuring consistent internal temperatures and protecting sensitive pharmaceuticals.
  • Temperature Range: Maintains precise temperature control suitable for pharmaceutical storage requirements (+2°C to +8°C).
  • Energy Efficiency: Designed for low energy consumption, reducing operational costs without compromising performance.

Compact and Efficient Design

The PRE 60 Upright Pharmaceutical Refrigerator stands out with its compact countertop design, making it an ideal choice for laboratories, pharmacies, and healthcare facilities where space is at a premium. Its sleek profile allows for easy placement on countertops without sacrificing valuable workspace, ensuring convenient access to stored pharmaceuticals.

Advanced Temperature Management

Equipped with a robust double-pane glass door, the PRE 60 offers enhanced visibility of contents while maintaining a consistent temperature range of +2°C to +8°C. This precision ensures that sensitive pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and medications remain safely stored and protected from temperature fluctuations that could compromise their efficacy.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Designed for efficiency, the PRE 60 operates with low energy consumption, contributing to reduced operational costs over time. This feature not only aligns with sustainability goals but also enhances the economic viability of maintaining pharmaceutical storage solutions in healthcare settings.

Intuitive Controls and Monitoring

The refrigerator is equipped with user-friendly controls that allow for easy monitoring and adjustment of internal temperatures. This ensures that healthcare professionals can maintain precise conditions required for pharmaceutical storage, supported by an integrated alarm system that alerts to any deviations outside the set parameters.

Environmental Compliance and Safety

Committed to environmental stewardship, the PRE 60 utilizes environmentally friendly refrigerants that comply with global regulations for pharmaceutical storage. This ensures both the safety of stored medications and vaccines and the sustainability of operations in healthcare environments.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

Customers benefit from comprehensive support, including detailed product specifications and user manuals for easy setup and operation. Dedicated customer service ensures prompt assistance with any inquiries or maintenance needs, providing peace of mind in critical healthcare environments.

Additional Specifications:

  • Capacity: 60 liters, providing ample storage for pharmaceutical products.
  • Display and Controls: User-friendly interface for monitoring and adjusting temperature settings.
  • Alarm System: Alerts for temperature fluctuations, safeguarding stored medications and vaccines.
  • Refrigerant: Uses environmentally friendly refrigerants compliant with industry standards.
  • Shipping: Securely packaged for safe transport, ensuring product integrity upon delivery.

The ARCTIKO PRE 60 is an economical solution tailored to meet the rigorous demands of pharmaceutical storage, combining compact design with reliable temperature management capabilities. Ideal for environments requiring efficient and secure cold storage of medications and vaccines, it ensures compliance with regulatory standards while optimizing operational efficiency. Price: $895.00 ex. tax.

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