Ther-mix Thermal Mixer

SKU: V102001
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The Ther-Mix from Vitl allows you to create and store your own mixing profiles with multiple mixing and heating steps through the easy-to-use LCD touch-screen. When combined with Vitl's intuitive Heated Modules, the Ther-mix allows you to accurately mix and heat samples with ease.

The Ther-Mix requires at least one Heated Module which is sold separately.

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  • Temperature accuracy +/- 0.1°C
  • 3mm mixing orbit
  • Mixing speed of 200 - 3,000 rpm
  • Capability to create and store your own mixing profiles
  • Intuitive LCD touchscreen user interface
  • Interchangeable Heated Modules support various sample tubes and vessels
  • Unique compact design


Heated Modules

V104001: HM01 0.5ml Microcentrifuge tubes

V104002: HM02 1.5ml Microcentrifuge tubes

V104003: HM03 2.0ml Microcentrifuge tubes

V104004: HM04 15ml Conical tubes

V104005: HM05 50ml Conical tubes

V104006: HM06 96 Well 0.15mL PCR Plate

V104007: HM07 96 Well 0.25mL PCR Plate

V104009: HM09 96 Well 0.2mL PCR Tube

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