Benchtop Equipment

Analog Tube Rotator >
Gentle and Effective Mixing of Biological Samples
Industrial Tube Rotator >
Efficiently Mixes Your Biological Samples and Solutions
Fixed Angle Analog Tube Rotator >
Stable Mixing in a Compact and Simple Design
BaaySCI Mini Centrifuge >
Essential for Clinical, Environmental, and Industrial Research
BaaySCI Mini Vortex Mixer >
Powerful Vortexing for Tubes up to 30mm
Vitl Co-Mix >
The only instrument to offer simultaneous microplate mixing and tube vortexing in one compact design
Vitl Ther-Mix >
Ther-Mix Heated Laboratory Mixer
Vitl Flexi-Therm >
Flexi-Therm Dry Block Heater
Vitl Lu-mini >
Luminescene meter with a large storage capacity
Argenta 96/384 >
Consistent and Reproducible Pipetting
ProPipette >
Large Scale Consistent and Reproducible Pipetting
HTF Plate Dispenser >
High Throughput Plate Dispenser System
Magnetic Stirrers >
Fully submersible magnetic stirrers