Cryo Handling

Benchtop 48 Tube Cooler >
Convenient Biocooler
Cryo 48 Tube Cooler >
Protect Cells and Biologicals Stored in -70°C Freezers
Mini 8 Tube Cooler >
Holds -15°C or below for up to one hour
Aluminum Cryo-Canes >
Crystal Industries
CryoCommand >
Crystal Industries
FreezeBox >
Preserve Unstable Nucleic Acid Samples Ice-Free
FreezeCell >
Ensure High Cell Survivability
Ice Buckets and Pans >
from Crystal Industries
Metal Tags for Aluminum Cryo Canes >
Easily Identify Samples
Stainless Steel Dewar Flasks >
Store and transport low-temperature liquid gases or high temperature liquids