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Ensure High Cell Survivability with a Uniform, Controlled and Reproducible Gradual Cooling Rate by utilizing Freezecell from Crystal Industries.

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No need to add any liquid or pre-cooling, simply put your samples directly into theFreezeCell™, and keep all your samples in a -80℃ low temperature environment. Easy to open lid without any concern of Frostbite.

  • Thermal-conductive alloy and advanced insulation controls the heat removal rate, providing uniform cryopreservation
  • Reusable without any alcohol or fluids required
  • Easy to handle, not cold to touch when removed from -80°C freezer
  • Freeze individual experiment or full load. Cooling rate of each sample is the same every time
  • Standardized, repeatable, dependable results
  • Minimal footprint requires little freezer space
  • No ice required, zero consumables
  • No pre-cooling wait time

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