SF 500 Low Temperature Freezer

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The SF 500 is a spacious chest freezer, ideal for high-traffic laboratories. It offers a generous 13 ft³. capacity, exceptional temperature control (-60°C to -30°C), and efficient cooling with fast recovery times. This chest freezer design traps cold air more effectively than upright models, minimizing temperature fluctuations and energy use. Features include low noise operation, filterless construction, and a secure key lock. Ideal for maximizing sample storage. Enhance your lab with the SF 500 High-Capacity Low-Temperature Freezer and experience the difference in performance and efficiency!

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SF 500 Low Temperature Freezer Features

The Arctiko SF 500 is a high-capacity, low-temperature chest freezer designed to streamline sample storage in busy laboratory settings. This workhorse freezer boasts an impressive 13 cu.ft. capacity, ideal for accommodating a large number of samples.

Key Features of the SF 500:

  • Exceptional Temperature Performance: The SF 500 utilizes Arctiko's single compressor technology to deliver exceptional cooling. This technology ensures rapid pulldown to desired temperatures, maintains exceptional uniformity throughout the chamber, and facilitates fast recovery times even after frequent door openings.
  • Optimized for High Throughput: The spacious interior and included stackable basket allow for organized storage and easy access to your samples. An optional stainless steel front rack storage system can be purchased for further optimization of storage space.
  • Quiet Operation for a Peaceful Environment: Despite its powerful cooling, the SF 500 incorporates noise reduction technology to create a more pleasant work environment for researchers.
  • Reduced Maintenance and User Convenience: The filterless construction eliminates the need for regular filter replacements, saving you valuable time and money on maintenance. A pre-installed temperature monitoring port allows for effortless temperature verification using external probes (not included).
  • Security and Sample Integrity: The SF 500 prioritizes sample security with a secure key lock system that restricts unauthorized access. Additionally, visual and audible alarms for high/low temperature and temperature probe failure provide immediate notification of any potential deviations.
  • Chest Freezer Design Advantage: Unlike upright freezers where cold air can escape on opening, the chest freezer design of the SF 500 traps cold air more effectively. This minimizes temperature fluctuations within the chamber and reduces energy consumption for maintaining consistent cooling.


  • Single Compressor Technology
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Insulated inner sub lid
  • 100% HCFC/CFC free
  • Porthole for external temperature probes
  • Filterless construction
  • Lock with key
  • LED display

The Arctiko SF 500 is the perfect solution for laboratories that require a high-performance chest freezer with exceptional storage capacity. Its efficient cooling, user-friendly features, and focus on sample security make the SF 500 a valuable asset for any research setting.

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