SUF 100 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

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The SUF 100 Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer demonstrates that high-performance freezing with a focus on low energy consumption is the future. With a temperature range of -40°C to -80°C, the SUF 100 provides optimal conditions for sample preservation. The SUF range is produced with true and original single-compressor technology, ensuring the lowest noise level available. The freezer also features a pre-made access port at no extra cost, making it easier to monitor or inspect the unit with external probes.

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SUF 100 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Features

  • Single compressor
  • Low energy consumption
  • Noise Reduction Technology, Low noise level (50 dBa)
  • 100% HCFC/CFC free
  • Sub lids
  • Castors and door key lock
  • Porthole for external temperature probes
  • Reaching -80°C in only 85 minutes due to single compressor technology.

Filterless Design

Our filterless design eliminates the need for cleaning, as the evaporator coils are spaced far apart to prevent dust buildup and airflow obstruction. This innovative construction saves you time and maintenance costs by eliminating the need for filters entirely.

Enhanced Cooling Efficiency

The SUF 100 freezer achieves -80°C in just 85 minutes, thanks to our single compressor technology. This technology is designed to offer best-in-class cooling performance, ensuring superior temperature stability and uniformity even with frequent door openings. Additionally, it helps maintain stable cooling performance while reducing energy consumption.

Optimized Storage Capacity

The freezer features optimized internal storage for easy access and overview of stored content. Our stainless steel front rack storage system ensures that samples are easily accessible at all times. The SUF 100 freezer also includes a pre-made access port at no extra cost, making it easier to monitor or inspect the unit with external probes.

SUF 100 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Measurements
SUF 100 Dimensions

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