LF 1350 Large Double Door Freezer

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ARCTIKO LF 1350 large double door biomedical freezer, designed for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research laboratories, offers precise temperature control from -25°C to -10°C with a spacious 49.44 ft³ capacity. This eco-friendly, Energy Star certified freezer features integrated data logging with new Bluetooth access, forced air cooling for excellent temperature stability, and key lock security to protect valuable contents. Ideal for storing vaccines, reagents, and critical research samples, it uses SNAP/EPA compliant refrigerants to ensure environmentally responsible operation.

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LF 1350 Large Double Door Freezer Features

ARCTIKO’s LF 1350 large double door biomedical freezer is a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the stringent requirements of biomedical applications. This low-energy eco-friendly biomedical freezer boasts a substantial capacity of 49.44 ft³ and precise temperature control within the range of -25 °C to -10 °C.

ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED Energy Star certified, guaranteeing exceptional energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact, while maintaining superior performance in temperature-sensitive storage applications.

INTEGRATED DATA LOGGER WITH BLUETOOTH Combining accurate temperature monitoring for optimal sample storage and regulatory compliance, this new integrated data logger now features Bluetooth access, empowering you with on-the-go control via detailed graphs, alarms, and settings accessible through your phone’s Bluetooth connection to the unit’s display.

FORCED AIR COOLING Forced air cooling provides excellent temperature stability. Forcing the airflow around the stored items ensures quick temperature recovery after door openings.

KEY LOCK SECURITY Equipped with a secure key lock, providing an added layer of protection for valuable contents and preventing unauthorized access. This feature ensures the integrity and confidentiality of stored items, making it ideal for environments where security is paramount.

ALARM FUNCTIONS Visual and acoustic alarms for high/low temperature, open door, probe failure, power failure, and low battery conditions ensure that you can react quickly in the unlikely event of a power, equipment, or process issue.

SNAP/EPA COMPLIANT REFRIGERANT Utilizes refrigerants that are fully compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) regulations, ensuring environmentally responsible operation without compromising performance or safety.

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