Cryo Tubes (External Thread)

SKU: IV-8005
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Available in .5 ml, 1 ml, 2ml, 4 ml, 5 ml

Convenient and accessible to all users, whether you’re new to the lab or a pro. This tube features a quick seal cap that is removed tightened with little effort. External threading reduces contamination and a lip seal prevents leaking samples. Free from biological, chemical, heavy metals, BSE/TSE, RNase, DNase, and Cytotoxic substances. 5 packs of 100 (500 tubes total).

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  • DIN EN ISO 11137 Compliant Sterilization Processes
  • Biological, chemical, heavy metals, BSE/TSE, RNase, DNase, and Cytotoxic free
  • High Pressure tolerance (95kPa/0.95bar)
  • High thermal ranges (-196°C to 121°C)
  • 0.5 mL graduation marks
  • Clear and visible writing area
  • Quick lip seal technology to easily remove/tighten caps
  • Leak proof storage, external threading to prevent leaks
  • Autoclavable tubes to prevent cross-contamination
  • Color inserts available to help organize your tubes



Cryo Tubes 0.5ml IVUS w/separate lid (1000 pcs/unit)


Cryo Tubes 0.5ml IVUS w/lid Sterile (10 x 100 pcs)


Cryo Tubes 1.0ml IVUS w/separate lid (1000 pcs/unit)


Cryo Tubes 1.0ml IVUS w/lid Sterile (10 x 100 pcs)


Cryo Tubes 2.0ml IVUS w/separate lid (1000 pcs/unit)


Cryo Tubes 2.0ml IVUS w/lid Sterile (10 x 100 pcs)


Cryo Tubes 4.0ml IVUS w/separate lid (1000 pcs/unit)


Cryo Tubes 4.0ml IVUS w/lid Sterile (5 x 100 pcs)


Cryo Tubes 5.0ml w/separate lid (1000 pcs/unit)


Cryo Tubes 5.0ml w/lid, EXTERNAL Thread, Graduations and writing area, STERILE (5 x 100 pcs)

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