Micronic has been dedicated to developing and producing innovative sample storage and accessories for over 30 years. The vast experience of helping laboratories in securing their samples has earned the company a worldwide reputation for implementing integrated sample storage solutions. 

Micronic is an independent organization with its headquarters located in Lelystad, the Netherlands. Micronic produces and assembles its labware in certified Class 7 clean rooms in the Netherlands and U.S. Their labware equipment is also assembled in-house. Micronic is an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company. Micronic products are applied worldwide in research laboratories of university hospitals, forensics, agricultural, veterinary and governmental institutes, as well as organizations in biotech, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Sample Storage Tubes

Micronic offers a comprehensive line of sample storage tubes that fit in the 96-well, 48-well, or 24-well ANSI/SLAS standard rack format. The range includes tubes with volumes ranging from 0.30ml to 6.00ml, suitable for the most com­mon laboratory storage applications.

Sample Storage Racks

Micronic offers several types of storage racks, including the Loborack and Comorac models, ranging from 24 to 96-well formats manufactured with a strong design to minimize deformation due to temperature changes. The Micronic Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Racks have many unique features, including its extremely strong design for cryogenic storage, a novel “icebreaker” cover lock mechanism, cover prints indicating rack and tube type, rack orientation marks, and a highly transparent cover which enables easy visual checking of enclosed samples.

Micronic Caps

Micronic screw caps for internally threaded tubes securely seal tubes for long-term sample storage at ultra-low temperatures. Micronic screw caps with an external thread provide a secure closure for long-term sample storage at ultra-low temperatures or a safe sealing during the transportation of your samples. Push caps from Micronic offer a cost-effective way to securely close sample storage tubes.

Starter Packs

Micronic Starter Packs are ideal for research laboratories that want to start using 2D coded tubes, or for those who are not satisfied with their current supplier. Micronic offers the Sample Storage Starter Packs in various formats: BASIC, STANDARD, ADVANCED, PREMIUM, and PREMIUM+.

Micronic Scanners

To enable fast, accurate, and efficient sample identification, Micronic offers an extensive code reader range which consists of whole rack and single tube readers.

Cappers & Decappers

Micronic offers an assortment of products to make manual and electric capping and decapping for push and screw caps easy and efficient.

Sample Management System

Micronic’s Sample Management System is compatible with various LIMS software systems, including LabCollector, that allow you to effectively manage samples and associated data to enhance lab productivity.