Micronic Push Cap Capper CP400

SKU: MP35050
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The Micronic Push Cap Capper CP400 offers a cost-effective way of applying uniform pressure to push caps in an entire 96 tube rack in only a single action. Built to meet the varying needs of different users, the CP400 can seal full or partially full racks with the complete range of Micronic TPE or EVA style capmats, capbands, and capclusters. The capper is also compatible with other brands of storage tubes and racks.

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Micronic Push Cap Capper CP400 Features:

The Micronic Push Cap Capper CP400 offers a cost-effective solution for automating the sealing of tubes with uniform pressure in an entire 96-tube rack in a single action. This manual capper is designed to securely cap tubes (up to 1.40 ml) in all ANSI/SLAS format racks, up to a maximum height of 48mm. It supports a complete range of Micronic TPE or EVA style Capmats, Capbands, and Capclusters, as well as other brands of storage tubes and racks.

Key details:

  • Efficient Tube Capping: Automates the sealing process with uniform pressure across a full rack of tubes.
  • Versatile Cap Compatibility: Compatible with Micronic TPE and EVA style Capmats, Capbands, and Capclusters, and other leading brands.
  • Secure Sealing: Ensures reliable and repeatable tube sealing in ANSI/SLAS format racks.
  • Adaptable Design: Includes adapters for specific rack types and tube heights, optimizing performance.
  • Laboratory Automation: Enhances lab efficiency with automated tube capping solutions.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Simplifies manual capping tasks with ergonomic design and easy setup.

The CP400 is part of Micronic's comprehensive range of capping systems, designed for reliable tube sealing automation in laboratories. It meets SLAS standards and supports various cap materials, including EVA and TPE, catering to diverse research and sample storage needs. Ideal for labs seeking efficient and precise tube sealing solutions, the Micronic Push Cap Capper CP400 streamlines processes, from routine sample storage to specialized research applications. Experience enhanced workflow efficiency and reliable tube sealing performance with Micronic's advanced capping technology.

Additional details:

  • Compact design and easy to use – no installation required
  • Height adapters match customer's specifications
  • Compatible with all Micronic push caps (TPE or EVA style capmats, capbands and capclusters)
  • Compatible with many brands
  • Minimizes cross-contamination
  • Safe operation and even capping guaranteed
  • Works on full and partially-full racks

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