Freezer Racks

Capp Cryo Racks 10X10 >
Save up to 23% storage space with Expell Cryo Boxes with 10 x 10 dividers
Novitain Freezer Rack >
Fits in all standard chest freezers
Micronic Freezer Racks >
Constructed of corrosion resistant stainsteel

Need help figuring out which freezer racks will work for your set-up?

diaago's Freezer Rack Configurator is a simple way to find the right racks for your lab. 

Simply enter the freezer type, make, model, box type, and rack type, and we can find the rack you need.

If the configurator is unable to recommend an option, please contact us using our form below, emailing us at, or calling 866-665-0265 for pricing and more information today!