Cappers and Decappers

Cappers & Decappers

We provide automatic and manual products that make capping and decapping easy and reliable. You can choose from a variety of both manual and automatic capping and decapping machines that suit your needs and fit within your lab’s budget. 

Manual Push and Screw Capping Machines

Most manual cappers and decappers are small devices that you can hold in your hand. Screw decappers facilitate the removal of the caps on your sample vials. A single twist is enough to remove the cap. Other decappers work with push-cap tubes and can remove as many as eight caps at once. You will need to determine whether you use push or screw caps so that you have the right tools on hand to easily remove them.

Manual capping machines work with push caps and can save you time by capping a full tray of 96 tubes at once with a single action.

Advantages of Manual Cappers and Decappers

  • Highly cost-effective: Due to their simplistic designs, manual cappers can be an excellent choice for those working within a limited budget. 

  • Ease of use: A manual decapper is very simple and intuitive to operate, so all of your lab members can start using it right away.

  • No installation: A manual capper is ready to work right out of the box, with no setup or installation. 

  • Minimal footprint: If you’re working in a small lab environment, you need to prioritize which equipment is most important and will take up the most space. Manual capping and decapping equipment tends to have much smaller footprints than some of their automatic counterparts.

Automatic Push and Screw Capping Machines

When speed and efficiency are a priority over budget and space, automated capping and decapping machines can perform both functions in a fraction of the time that it takes to use similar manual products.

Advantages of Automatic Cappers and Decappers

  • Fastest equipment: An automatic capping or decapping machine can complete the task ten times faster than by hand. Some machines can cap or decap an entire tray of 96 tubes in under a minute.

  • Optimal seal: Because machines are more consistent, you can be certain your vials will always be fully sealed, ensuring that your samples are preserved. 

  • Two products in one: Many automatic screw recappers will both cap and decap your sample tubes.

  • Minimizes contamination: Since most of the tube handling is done automatically, there is less contact and thus a reduced risk of contamination.

Find Capping Machines, Decappers, and More at diaago

At diaago, we pride ourselves on being more than just a laboratory supply company — our team takes the time to understand the needs of your lab and will work with you to find the best solutions for your particular application at the most reasonable cost. This partnership saves you time from searching for the products you need, so that you can resume your work sooner. Our catalog includes everything from cappers and decappers to sample tubes and freezer racks. For more information, reach out to diaago today.