Vitl Life Science Solutions, established in 2005, is a leading UK-based laboratory instrument manufacturer and supplier. Backed by over 40 years of experience from its parent company ITL Group, Vitl is dedicated to providing high-quality lab instruments and consumables to the research, education, and healthcare sectors.
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About VITL

Founded in 2005 by ITL Group, Vitl Life Science Solutions has quickly become a prominent player in the laboratory equipment industry. Leveraging ITL Group's expertise in medical device design and manufacturing, Vitl focuses on supplying top-notch lab instruments and consumables directly to various sectors.

Vitl's product range includes heat sealers, temperature-controlled mixing and vortexing equipment, luminescent readers, and a variety of lab consumables. These products undergo rigorous testing and are used worldwide in universities, research institutes, biotech companies, and clinical laboratories.

Committed to quality and innovation, Vitl ensures that all its products meet the highest standards and are ISO:9001 2015 certified. With a global network of OEM partners, Vitl provides exceptional service and support to customers worldwide. Whether you're in need of reliable benchtop equipment or looking for OEM services, We are happy to provide Vitl Life Science Solution products for your laboratory solutions.

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Vitlmicrots V903001 001

MicroTS Heat Sealer

The Vitl MicroTS Microplate Heat Sealer is a compact, fixed-temperature heat sealer for…
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Vitlthermix V102001 03

Ther-mix Thermal Mixer

The Ther-Mix from Vitl allows you to create and store your own mixing profiles…
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Vitlvts V902001 01

Variable Temperature Sealer

The Vitl VTS is a variable temperature heat sealer for a wide range of microplates. The VTS is…
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Vitllumini V301001 01

Lu-mini Single Tube Luminometer

The Lu-mini is the next generation of low-cost OEM benchtop luminometer. A robust,…
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Foils and pcr films vitl products laboratory consumables 2019 resized

Microplate Heat Seals

Designed for sealing a variety of plate formats, including PCR plates and microplates; providing…
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Vitl flexi therm 3


The Flexi-Therm, coupled with one of the Vitl heated modules, provides accurate,…
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