UPHO Ultimate Homogenizer

SKU: GY-U001
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UPHO Ultimate Homogenizer is a versatile bead beater, designed for fast and with high throughput grinding and homogenization of samples. UPHO can process up to 64 samples at a time. The device is suitable for a wide range of adapters, allowing it to be used flexibly while delivering consistent, high quality results.

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UPHO Ultimate Homogenizer has been developed for both routine and difficult-to-divide samples. It is compatible with 3 types of grinding and quickly prepares a wide variety of biological sample types including plant and animal tissues, cells, bacteria and yeast. Each sample is simultaneously grinded and homogenised by shaking, depending on the type of sample, in a closed tube with high speed glass, ceramic or metal beads, allowing easy and reproducible isolation of stable RNA, active proteins, full length DNA and other cellular materials.


  • High throughput - up to 64 samples at a time
  • No cross-contamination between activities
  • Wide range of interchangeable adapters
  • 1 min. cycle
  • CE marking
  • Easy to use interface
  • Bead Beater Technology
  • Easy to work on cryogenic and room temperature samples
  • Easy-to-clean procedure
  • Long shelf life

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