iSWAB™ from Mawi DNA Technologies has been designed to address the issues of low DNA recovery and quality, high bacterial DNA content, high cost, and processing issues that current noninvasive sample collection approaches suffer from. 

The innovative design of iSWAB allows for removal of the cells captured by the swab and then release into a proprietary mammalian cell-specific lysis and nucleic acid stabilizing buffer. The combination of the mechanistic release of cells and proprietary lysis buffer allows for the collection of high amount of cells in a concentrated manner from one or more swabs in a small amount of lysis buffer while yielding significantly lower bacterial contamination. 

The iSWAB™ collection system is designed to facilitate self or assisted swab-based sample collection and concentration from a single or multiple swabs into a single tube for room temperature transport and long term storage. In addition the iSWAB™  collection system is optimized for both manual and common automated sample preparation liquid handling workstations without the need for additional accessories.

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