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Micronic specializes in manufacturing premium labware and precision-engineered equipment, offering innovative solutions to enhance scientific research and customer experiences
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About Micronic

Micronic, headquartered in Lelystad, the Netherlands, is an independent organization dedicated to advancing scientific research for the betterment of society. Innovation and quality are at the core of Micronic's corporate philosophy, driving the development of new and improved products, solutions, and services aimed at providing radically better customer experiences.

One of Micronic's key strengths lies in its in-house development and manufacturing capabilities. This allows them to maintain strict quality control and offer premium labware and precision-engineered equipment. Their products are renowned for their exceptional quality, reliability, and durability, making them a trusted choice for laboratories and research facilities worldwide. Micronic's commitment to standing behind their solutions reflects their confidence in the superior performance of their products.

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Micronicrackreaderdr500 MP35220 01

Rack Reader DR500

The Micronic Rack Reader DR500 is built to read 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes quickly, cost…
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Micronicscrewcaprecappercs700 MP35450 01

Screw Cap Recapper CS700

The Micronic Screw Cap Recapper CS700 line offers users the ability to cap, decap or recap…
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Micronictubereaderdt300 MP55127 01

Tube Reader DT300

Micronic's DT300 Tube Reader reads tubes and rack codes instantly. The small…
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Micronictubehandlerht500 MP35510 01 2022 03 16 172025 cxip

Tube Handler HT500

The Tube Handler HT500 is an affordable sample management system that…
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Micronic Starter Packs

Micronic offers the Sample Storage Starter Packs in a range of formats: BASIC, STANDARD,…
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Rack without cover 1024x1024 2

Micronic EFC 96-3 Rack RM

The Micronic EFC 96-3 Rack RM is constructed from 99% recycled material. It is…
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96 1rack1

Micronic 96-1 Rack

The Micronic 96-1 Rack can hold 96 individual 0.50ml Tubes with Internal Thread, 0.30ml Tubes…
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96 1 1 1 1024x1016 1

Micronic EFC 96-1 Rack RM

The Micronic Eco-Friendly Choice 96-1 Rack RM is crafted from 99% recycled…
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96 3rack1

Micronic 96-3 Rack

The Micronic 96-3 Rack is designed for 0.80ml tubes with external thread and 1.10ml…
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48 1rack1

Micronic 48-1 Rack

The Micronic 48-1 Rack holds 48 1.00ml (tissue) tubes with Screw Caps. In…
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48 4rack1

Micronic 48-4 Rack

The Micronic 48-4 Rack holds 48 4.00ml tubes (internal or external thread) with Screw…
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24 1rack1

Micronic 24-1 Rack

The Micronic 24-1 Rack is stores 1.50ml and 3.00ml hybrid tubes with external…
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1 4 yellow internal thread tube

1.40ml Tubes (Internal Thread)

The Micronic 1.40ml storage tubes with internal thread and flat outer bottom are…
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Micronictubereaderdt500 MP55126 04

Tube Reader DT500

High-speed code reading at its best! Implement multiple DT500s for a super-efficient workflow.…
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Micronicrackreaderdr700 MP35230 01

Rack Reader DR700

Micronic's Rack Reader DR700 is a high-end rack reader that reads whole racks filled…
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Micronicscrewcaprecapper MP35420 05

Screw Cap Recapper CS500

The Screw Cap Recapper CS500 line is developed in conjunction with several…
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Micronic Tube Reader DT510 2

Tube Reader DT510

The Micronic Tube Reader DT510 offers swift and efficient barcode reading, decoding 1D…
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Micronic Rack Reader DR710 4

Rack Reader DR710

A one-of-a-kind scanner from Micronic! Built-in anti-frost system draws ambient…
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FBNL2839 640x640

Rack Reader DR900

The high speed Micronic Rack Reader DR900 reads whole racks filled with 2D Data-Matrix coded…
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1.40ml Tubes (External Thread Hybrid)

The 1.40ml Hybrid tube provides a unique solution to identify samples. The transparent part of…
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The sample storage Loborack-96 can hold 96 individual tubes (0.50ml and 0.75ml) in a 96-well…
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Micronicpushcappercp600 MP35020 01

Push Cap Capper CP600

The Push Cap Capper CP600 and CP610 operates without any buttons. Simply pull the drawer out of…
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