What's in your petri dish?

Sep 26, 2022
Petri dish

We are meeting scientists from all over the world and the most fascinating conversations happen when we ask what they are working on! The researchers we have encountered are working on cancer studies, stem cells, plant biology, protein chemistry, microbiology, microscopy/Imaging, Molecular Biology, genetic testing, yeast, and even cloning.

These are just a few areas of study that are coming to our attention as we engage with new labs around the world.

So what's in your petri dish!?

Send us a picture and a short summary of your research and you could be featured on our blog! https://www.diaago.com/about-u...

If you need petri dishes, we can certainly help with that too!


Standard Petri Dishes are manufactured in high capacity automated production lines resulting in a high quality product. These Petri Dishes come in a Stackable, Slippable and Slideable format.

  • Ventilation ribs reduce condensation and allow air circulation
  • Consistent flatness allows for even media distribution
  • Stackable – Lids contain stacking rings for increased stability
  • Stackable/Slideable – Features partial edge ring on base which allows a single dish to be slid from a large stack and enhances stability when stacked
  • Slippable – Designed for automated filling and streaking systems, features side arrows and ISO Mark Target for automation
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Compartment Petri Dishes are designed for simultaneous studies of organisms in a common environment.

  • Molded dividers create completely separate compartments while allowing airflow
  • Ridge on bottom dish allows easy handling and stacking
  • Lids contain molded spacers to allow gas exchange
Petri dish B

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