Standard Petri Dishes

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CELLTREAT Standard Petri Dishes are manufactured in high capacity automated production lines resulting in a high quality product. These Petri Dishes come in a Stackable, Slippable and Slideable format.

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  • Ventilation ribs reduce condensation and allow air circulation
  • Consistent flatness allows for even media distribution
  • Stackable – Lids contain stacking rings for increased stability
  • Stackable/Slideable – Features partial edge ring on base which allows a single dish to be slid from a large stack and enhances stability when stacked
  • Slippable – Designed for automated filling and streaking systems, features side arrows and ISO Mark Target for automation



60mm x 15mm Petri Dish, Sterile



100mm x 15mm Petri Dish, Slideable, Sterile



100mm x 15mm Petri Dish, Stackable, Sterile



100mm x 15mm Petri Dish, Slippable, Sterile


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