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Thawing Stations for Labs

Oct 04, 2022
Thawing stations

The SPL Guard Florida can thaw up to 10 racks in as little as 9 minutes and can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into a robotic workstation like a liquid handler. When the SPL Guard Florida is fully loaded with racks, it can thaw samples 60% faster than any other instrument on the market.

  • Thaws up to 10 ANSI/SLAS format racks or micro plates in as little as 9 minutes.
  • Large, custom-configurable thawing surface. The 10 ANSI/SLAS format holders allow for positioning in portrait or landscape orientation or a combination of both.
  • Seven high-tech fans (150 cfm of air power) provide adequate air power to thaw everything heavily frozen quickly and reproducibly, no excess input of heat and no calibration or maintenance required.
  • Remote I/O port for integration with liquid handlers or automated systems.
  • Energy-efficient

Thawing Station Accessories available for the SPL Florida:

Florida Accesories

The SPL Guard Arizona is a unique thawing station for uniform and fast thawing of samples. The Arizona thaws a complete rack from -80°C to 5°C in only 6 minutes. The SPL Guard Arizona stops thawing when the desired temperature is reached and confirms this with a beeping sound. The thawing station is compatible with a wide range of SBS-format racks from different brands.

Arizona 2
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