End of the Year Budget Items

Dec 19, 2022
Lab essentials year end

Short on time? Short on budget? We've got refurbished and demo equipment ready to work for you!

Screw Cap Recapper CS700

Designed to improve efficiency, the Micronic Screw Cap Recapper can be used as a stand-alone instrument or be simply integrated into a fully automated laboratory environment.

Micronicscrewcaprecappercs700 MP35450 02

Rack Reader DR505

The compact Micronic Rack Reader DR505 reads whole racks filled with 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes.


SPL Guard Florida

When the SPL Guard Florida is fully loaded with racks, it can thaw samples 60% faster than any other instrument on the market.

Splguardflorida FLG20610 03

While you're here check out some of this year's popular products!


1 4ml Tubes


Caps banner


96 4 rack

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