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Nov 30, 2022
Lab essentials tubes december

0.75ml Tubes (External Thread Hybrid)

The 0.75ml tube with external thread hybrid uniquely combines automated and visual sample identification. The unique combination of 4 different coding concepts on one tube guarantees the complete traceability of samples.

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Amber Tubes

Amber tubes are designed from special amber colored material (sample remains visible) to eliminate sample degradation by exposure to light.

Amber tubes in rack

Freeze Cryogenic Vials (Internal Thread)

Freeze Cryogenic Vials are designed for storing biological material at temperatures as low as -196°C, in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen

IMG424 1 8m L Cryogenic Vial Internal SS

1.40ml Non-Coded Push Cap Tubes U-Bottom

The Novitain 1.40ml round bottom tubes are available in non-coded or alphanumeric coded versions, Novitain 1.40ml round bottom tubes provide an affordable way to improve your sample storage, handling and logistic processes.

1 40mlubottompushcap N10200 01

4.00ml Tubes (Internal Thread)

A massive working volume in a 48-well format! These sample storage vials are ideal for storing or transporting larger volumes of liquid or solid biological samples.

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