BeadBug™ Microtube Homogenizer

SKU: D1030
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The BeadBug™ 3 is a high energy benchtop homogenizer that sets the performance standard for personal-sized cell disruption and lysis instruments.

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  • Extremely powerful mixing for lysis, grinding, or homogenization
  • Faster and more effective than tissue grinders
  • Homogenize 1, 2, or 3 tubes simultaneously
  • Extremely compact, less than 7″ wide
  • Eliminates the cross-contamination associated with handheld homogenizers
  • Full range of beads in prefilled tubes and bulk available


D1030BeadBug™ Microtube homogenizer, 115V
D1030-EBeadBug™ Microtube homogenizer, 230V


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