Micronic Tube Handler HT500
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The Tube Handler HT500 is an affordable sample management system that sorts your valuable liquid and solid samples. The device can be used to pick specific specimens from a large group of samples. The HT500 has a total rack capacity of 20 racks, specify at least on target rack and one source rack per run.

A “pick list” that is generated from a LIMS system can easily be loaded with a USB stick. The desired tubes are automatically selected and placed in a target rack. There is room for a maximum of 20 racks. A log-file is generated when the selection is finished. In combination with the use of Micronic tubes, the device is an excellent and reliable choice for many sample storage tube applications.

Superior Features

  • Total rack capacity: 20
  • Fast pick & place operation of 250 tubes per hour
  • 2D code reading and 1D code reading (source and target rack)
  • Easy to navigate and intuitive interface
  • Semi-automatic linking between rack ID and rack position
  • Loading CSV-file pick list from USB thumb drive
  • Output CSV-file of rack content
  • Separate safety stop ensures sample/product protection
  • Compatible with Micronic racks (ANSI/SLAS standard)
  • Compatible with 0.30ml, 0.40ml, 0.50ml, 0.75ml, 0.80ml,
  • 1.10ml and 1.40ml Micronic tubes

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