ULUF 550-2M Ultra-Low Temperature Upright Freezer
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The ULUF 550 ultra-low temperature freezer comes with single cooling technology that
offers direct cooling and excellent cooling performance as low as -86° C.

Arctiko's ULUF upright freezers feature a single compressor system with direct cooling for higher temperature uniformity and excellent temperature stability. The ULUF -86°C series is the optimal solution for any long-term storage application. By placing the compressor and other heat and noise generating components on the top of the unit, the heat is distributed upwards and backwards, preventing the heat from warming up the entire room. This design also means that there is never a compartment, in which it would be difficult to locate your samples nor using fully. This all works to ensure an ergonomically correct unit that is easy and pleasant to use.


• Single Compressor Technology with a simple structure ensuring easy maintenance, lower heat dissipation, low energy consumption and noise reduction for a pleasant work environment.

• Direct cooling for optimized temperature stability and uniformity, even with multiple door openings.

• Heated vacuum release valve ensures that the doors can always open, making the unit perfect for an active work environment.

• Insulated inner doors minimize cold loss during door openings.

• Heated door frame preventing ice from building up around the gasket securing a stable and uniform temperature inside the freezer.

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