COVID-19 Testing

1.40ml Tube >
Minimizing chance of cross-contamination while improving sample integrity
MawiDNA iSWAB Microbiome >
Non-Toxic Stabilizing Technology
from Mawi DNA Technologies
ExiPrep 96 Lite >
Efficiently Extract DNA/RNA
Screw Cap Recapper CS700 >
Caps or decaps 96 Screw Cap tubes at once in less than 30 seconds
Clear-Raze >
Handheld UVC Wand
Sigma96 Recapper >
Cap and decap 96 tubes in a single action
Scanners >
Scan the codes of your tubes quickly
Safety Face Shield >
Protection for Lab Personnel and Healthcare Providers

COVID-19 Laboratory Testing Equipment

COVID-19 has significantly altered the medical industry around the world. From hospitals to private practices, the coronavirus has made an indelible mark on the healthcare community. Now, as the government and private sector fight to contain the spread of new and emerging variants of the virus, testing for COVID-19 is more critical than ever. The responsibility of accurate testing and diagnostics is now in the hands of laboratories across the country. Ensuring you have access to accurate and reliable testing materials and supplies is our responsibility. diaago has assembled high-quality laboratory testing equipment and essential supplies to help your lab facilitate effective and efficient testing protocols to assist in the fight against COVID-19.

Sample Tubes

Our sample tubes employ triple threading to enhance closure capabilities and significantly minimize cross-contamination incidents. 1.40ml sampling tubes are the ideal size for sample storage and can contain a higher volume of material without compromising on sample tube size.


Mawi iSWAB-Microbiome (MB) employs the latest non-toxic stabilizing technology to provide superior testing results that will remain uncorrupted from sample collection to the testing facility. The swab’s stabilization buffer effectively inactivates sampled materials, making it ideal for safe transport without the need for cold chain involvement.

DNA/RNA Extraction

DNA/RNA extraction tools are key to correctly identifying COVID-19 infections in patients. With the ability to perform efficient and effective DNA/RNA extraction, laboratories can improve testing protocols to provide fast and accurate COVID-19 identifications.

Recapper Machines

Eliminate laboratory accidents and cross-contamination incidents with a recapper machine in your research setting. Featuring precise torque values for sealing, our recapper machines can also minimize evaporation and improve the integrity of your samples.

UVC Sterilization

A UVC sterilization wand is essential to making sure surfaces and other lab equipment is thoroughly sterilized. This is especially important when dealing with samples that potentially contain COVID-19.

Laboratory Bar Code Scanner

Laboratory bar code scanners allow researchers to quickly identify samples and reduce the chances of misidentification in the laboratory. Engineered to read both 1D and 2D Data-Matrix codes, our laboratory bar code scanners will streamline workflow processes and eliminate inaccuracies in sample identification reporting.

Face Shields

BaaySCI Labware’s high-quality single-use face shields provide superior protection against droplets, splatters, sprays, aerosols, and other potential mediums of contamination. These PPE face shields give the needed protection for researchers as they perform testing procedures for COVID-19.


Diaago is also a supplier of vaccine storage units. For more information about our COVID-19 laboratory testing equipment, please feel free to contact us.