NextSWAB Next Generation Swab

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NextSWAB 100% plastic injection molded swab – outperforms flocked swabs in many applications.

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During initial R&D testing, NextSWAB’s unique and patent pending head design has shown higher collection efficiency for oral and nasal (mid-turbinate and anterior nares) samples than flocked swabs with extremely minimal user discomfort. Due to the 100% plastic molded construction, supply chain issues will be nonexistent.


  • The NextSWAB is a sterile sampling applicator for biological sample
  • The product is 6” in length, with a unique head design positioned
    at the distal end.
  • The swab head is designed with two channels
    separated with a septum that can retain the collected nasal or oral material
    which can then be released into the transport media with a gentle
  • This functionality removes the need for the swab to be transported
    with the sample therefore making it easier to process especially
    for robotic liquid handling systems.

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