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Mar 12, 2021
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At diaago, our broad range of suppliers allows us to provide what you need for your lab, when you need it. We thought it would be fun to take a deeper dive into how these innovators brainstorm, create, and do what they do everyday to make your next discovery possible.

We reached out to Micronic to learn more about the ins and outs of product development. Ever wonder what drives product creation, design, and overall function? Us, too! Thanks to Micronic for taking time to answer our questions and share some behind-the-scenes aspects of production.

How does Micronic discover the need for a product that doesn’t yet exist?

Micronic discovers latent needs by conducting extensive and creative research. Examples are keeping up with the current market development and trends, questionnaires to (potential) customers and intensive conversations with customers and partners.

How important (and direct) is the line of communication from the person in the lab doing the work to the person developing the products they need?

At Micronic this line of communication is highly important and in some cases even direct from customer to the product development department. Our product development managers hold short lines with the sales and marketing teams and when necessary they are in direct contact with customers in the lab. Of great importance is the role of Micronic’s distribution partners they support Micronic in its direct contact with customers.

How long does it typically take from idea to finished product?

This really depends on the type of product, for instance whether it is labware or labware equipment. The development of the latter takes longer of course, because of complex engineering tasks. Micronic develops and manufactures all of its products in-house, which enables us to act quickly on market developments and to keep development cycles within reasonable timelines.

Where or who do you go to for feedback on products?

For feedback on products we mainly consult (potential) customers, our distribution partners and colleagues.

Micronic owns its own developments and patents. Why was this important as a company to implement?

Micronic stands for innovation, so owning our own developments and patents helps us to safeguard our ideas and to stay ahead of competition. It makes us also a unique player in the market – Micronic is the only manufacturer of sample storage solutions that develops all its products in-house. This gives our personnel and engineers first-hand knowledge and skills necessary to handle customer inquiries fast and perform service quickly.

Finally, what drives you to innovate and create?

At Micronic, advancing scientific research to enhance quality of life is our corporate goal and this is why we make innovation and quality a priority. We engage in various innovative processes within our organization, like product development and customer focused lean manufacturing systems, in order to create new and improved products, solutions and services that provide radically better customer experiences.


Julia Rzucidlo

Operations Specialist

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