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Apr 09, 2021
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At diaago, our broad range of suppliers allows us to provide what you need for your lab, when you need it. We thought it would be fun to take a deeper dive into how these innovators brainstorm, create, and do what they do everyday to make your next discovery possible.

We reached out to our newest supplier Bioneer to learn more about the Exiprep-96 Lite, DNA/RNA Extraction, and the benefits of including the Exiprep in a COVID-19 Testing workflow!

Specific to COVID-19 applications, how does the Exiprep and accompanying kit benefit laboratories and lab workflow?

Adding Exiprep 96 to the workflow for COVID-19 allows the lab to run extractions much faster and more efficiently. We prepare the cartridges for the lab so that the technician using it only has to worry about loading the patient sample and not preparing the other parts of test. Labs can use technicians that may not have a lot of experience running this kind of system since we take out a lot of the extra work and minimize pipetting. Exiprep also has 3 contamination shields which help to eliminate possible cross contamination.

What makes the Exiprep 96 Lite unique from other DNA/RNA Extraction processes?

One of Exiprep’s largest advantages over other units is the compact size. It takes up half the table top space than competing systems as it is built vertically to allow for more units to be placed in a small space.

Kits for Viral DNA/RNA Extraction used in COVID-19 detection and kits for Genomic DNA Extraction used for other types of tests such as HIV, HBV, and HCV are in prefilled cartridge format. The user only needs to put in the patient sample and load cartridges into the system, thus saving a lot of time. Other kits on the market need to be prepared by the user and loaded into the plates which can take an extra 20 minutes, is more contamination prone, and allows more opportunities for mistakes.

How would you describe the ease of use or adaptation of the Exiprep platform?

The use of Exiprep 96 is quite easy to adapt. Minimal training is needed to use the system and does not require experience using extraction kits or instruments.

How does the availability of consumables compare to other platforms?

Availability of instrument and reagents is not a problem. We are always in stock and orders can be fulfilled within a week or less. With other platforms, there is currently a lead time of at least 1 month. Our kits are available to ship right away. We have increased our production capacity by 300% to meet the demands of these kits.

Have you found that the results or capabilities are different from other DNA/RNA Extraction platforms or processes?

Contamination is less generally using our system because the user does not need to load cartridges and pipette in the reagents themselves. Technician contamination is the #1 problem when running Diagnostic tests, and we are able to highly minimize this by preloading the cartridges for the lab.

We provide high quality Nucleic Acid to use in the Diagnostic process and have compared our extractions to other systems, finding that the quality [of results] is no different.

Interested in a live demo of the Exiprep-96 Lite and accompanying kits for viral DNA/RNA extraction? Contact us using the form below, email support@diaago.com, or call us at 888-703-3209!


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