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BaaySCI Labware

Specializing in supplying lab distribution with scheduled deliveries and a wide range of reliable, affordable labware and equipment designed for everyday research
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About BaaySCI Labware

BaaySCI is a game-changer in lab supply distribution, offering a wide range of reliable, affordable labware, and equipment designed for everyday research needs. Their commitment to breaking limits in bulk ordering ensures that labs worldwide receive their orders on time and on a regular schedule. As a stocking distributor of BaaySCI products, we have their items already packaged and ready to go, making it easy for you to streamline your orders and keep your lab running smoothly. Whether you need weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or semi-annual deliveries, BaaySCI has you covered. Choose BaaySCI for dependable, tried-and-true lab supplies that you can count on.

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Upright Drawer Freezer Racks

Looking for a cost-effective way to organize storage racks in your freezer? BaaySCI’s…
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MultiPro Films

Films for ELISA, Incubation, and General Use. Available Sterile…
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Baayscimultistrip BYMS1 X8400 02

MultiStrip Films

For sealing a single 8-well row of a 96-well plate. Available Sterile (BYMS 1X8…
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Baayscicyclesealflat BYCSFL100 02

Cycle Seal Films (Flat)

For Real-Time PCR & Storage.
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Baayscicyclesealedgestick BYCSES100 02

Cycle Seal Edge Stick

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Mini Centrifuge

This compact centrifuge from BaaySCI is perfect for any centrifuge application. Small…
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Mini Vortex Mixer

BaaySCI’s Mini Vortex Mixer is easy to use and super compact, saving you space in the lab. For…
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Baaysci barcode scanner 1

Barcode Scanner (1D and 2D)

BaaySCI’s Barcode Scanner is compact with a sleek design and major functionality. For 1D and 2D…
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Alcohol Prep Pads

BaaySCI’s Alcohol Prep Pads are perfect for skin prep prior to injection. 100…
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Nasal and Oral Swabs

BaaySCI’s Oral/Nasal Swabs are sterile, disposable, and great for routine sample…
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Safety face shield

Safety Face Shield

BaaySCI Labware's single-use face shield offers comfortable protection from sprays, splatters,…
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Seal Wheel

Make sure your seal is secure with BaaySCI’s Seal Wheel. Evenly press the sealing film using the…
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Fab Carousel Stand For 6 Pipettes

Carousel Stand For 6 Pipettes

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3411 00 with 3412 00 2

PCR Plate, Chimney Top, Standard, Clear

Plate Type: Non-Skirted, Chimney Top, StandardCorner:…
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Air Pro Seal R Oll


Roll-Seal films and foils are ideal for use with high-throughput automated microplate sealers.…
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Baaysci antigen tubes dimensions

3ml Antigen Extraction Tubes

BaaySCI Antigen Extraction Tubes, 3 ml
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