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Roll-Seal films and foils are ideal for use with high-throughput automated microplate sealers. The Roll-Seal format provides reliable and efficient sealing at a lower cost per plate with minimal user intervention.

Roll-Seal, AirPro: 81 mm wide x 100 meters long; seals approximately 830 microplates.

Roll-Seal, PlatinumSeal: 80 mm wide x 100 meters long; seals approximately 830 microplates.

Roll-Seal, Cycle Seal: 79 mm wide x 65 meters long; seals approximately 540 microplates

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Roll-Seal Features

Roll-Seal, AirPro

The Roll-Seal, AirPro is specifically designed to facilitate efficient air and CO2 exchange, making it ideal for cell, tissue, and bacterial culture applications. It is particularly suited for maintaining optimal conditions for these cultures. This seal operates effectively within a temperature range of -20°C to +80°C, providing the flexibility needed for various laboratory environments.

  • Designed to facilitate air and CO2 exchange.
  • Application: Cell, tissue, and bacterial culture
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +80°C

Roll-Seal, PlatinumSeal

The Roll-Seal, PlatinumSeal is crafted for ease of use with features that allow it to be easily pierced for direct sample recovery. This makes it an excellent choice for applications such as PCR, long-term storage, light-sensitive assays, and robotics. Its wide temperature range of -80°C to +120°C ensures that it can withstand extreme conditions, making it versatile for numerous experimental setups.

  • Easy to pierce for direct sample recovery.
  • Application: PCR, long-term storage, light-sensitive assays & robotics
  • Temperature Range: -80°C to +120°C

Roll-Seal, Cycle Seal

The Roll-Seal, Cycle Seal features a pressure-activated, non-tacky silicone adhesive that guarantees a strong seal without leaving any residue. This seal is perfect for qPCR, long-term storage, protein crystallography, and HPLC applications. It operates effectively within a temperature range of -80°C to +105°C, ensuring robust performance across various laboratory conditions.

  • Features a pressure-activated, non-tacky, silicone adhesive.
  • Application: qPCR, long-term storage, protein crystallography & HPLC
  • Temperature Range: -80°C to +105°C






Roll-Seal, AirPro, Non-Sterile, 81mm x 100 meters (3.2" x 328’), 3" Cores

1 Packs / Cs


Roll-Seal, PlatinumSeal, Non-Sterile, 80mm x 100 meters (3.15" x 328’), 3" Cores

1 Packs / Cs


Roll-Seal, Cycle Seal, Non-Sterile, 79mm x 65 meters (3.093" x 214’), 3" Cores

1 Packs / Cs


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