190ml Flat Bottom Reagent Reservoir >
DNase/RNase and Pyrogen Free
384 Channel Troughs Reagent Reservoir >
DNase/RNase and Pyrogen Free
96 Channel Troughs Reagent Reservoirs >
Produced and packed in Class 100,000 clean workshop
12 Channel Reagent Reservoirs >
Polymer selection to overcome the surface tension
8 Channel Reagent Reservoirs >
Conforms to ANSI-SBS Standards

Reagent Reservoirs

At diaago, we have a range of styles of reagent reservoirs available for you to purchase for your lab. Our brand partner at Irish Life Sciences (ILS) manufactures the highest quality consumables for scientists with the features you need, at a price point that works for your budgetary restrictions.

You can browse our selection of reservoirs in our online catalog. We would also be glad to assist you with any of your purchasing decisions by helping you choose the best reagent reservoir for your application.

Key Features of Reagent Reservoirs Available from diaago

We offer superior reagent reservoirs made from virgin polypropylene for all of your laboratory testing needs. These high-quality products will help you ensure accurate results, thanks to the following features:

  • DNase-free - Free of enzymes that degrade DNA, which can influence the results of DNA analysis

  • RNas-free - Free of enzymes that degrade highly-sensitive RNA; a must for molecular biologists

  • Pyrogen-free - Free of thermostable substances that exist on the outer membrane of bacteria and other microorganisms. Pyrogens can cause endotoxin contamination in medical drugs and cell cultures

  • Meets ANSI-SBS Standards - Adheres to standards to ensure consistency and ease of use in automated laboratory settings 

  • Manufactured in Class 100,000 clean workshop - Produced and packed in a 100,000 clean workshop (ISO 8 Cleanroom) to minimize contamination

  • Storage down to -80°C - Suitable for storage in a range of temperatures

In addition to these key features, there are a couple of options available for our reagent reservoirs as well:

  • Breaker - This can be used with 190mL flat, as well as 96 and 384 reservoirs

  • Cover - This can be used to help aid in avoiding reagent wastage.

Flat Bottom Reagent Reservoirs

Flat bottom reservoir trays have a low profile design that is suitable for use with liquid handling systems. The 190mL volume reservoir can be used with a single liquid, or it can be matched with a reservoir breaker to be partitioned for multiple liquids.

Channel Trough Reagent Reservoirs

All of our channel trough reservoirs are constructed of virgin polypropylene. Multiple configurations of trough reagent reservoirs are available for purchase:

  • 384 well reservoir - open well format with a max of volume of 282 mL

  • 96 well reservoir - pyramid base geometry for 96 open wells with a max volume of 282 mL

  • 12 channel reservoir - 12 separate reagent channels with a max volume of 282 mL

  • 8 channel reservoir - 8 separate reagent channels with a max volume of 282 mL

Buy Reagent Reservoirs and More Supplies for Your Lab at diaago

Our mission at diaago is to offer all of the materials that your lab needs, including everything from reagent reservoirs to sample tubes and freezer racks. We are more than happy to assist you in finding the ideal solution for your lab — that means you can spend less time looking for the right products, and more time doing the critical work that your lab conducts. We invite you to contact us with any questions that you may have about our products or to request more information.