Micronic Loborack-96
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The sample storage Loborack-96 can hold 96 individual tubes (0.50ml and 0.75ml) in a 96 well configuration. The Loborack-96 is based on the global recognized ANSI / SLAS standards for storage racks, features a laser etched 1D rack barcode on one side of the rack and 'Twist-Lock' to prevent tubes from turning during screw (de)capping.

Superior features:

  • Based on the Society for Laboratory Automations and Screening (ANSI / SLAS) standards for storage racks
  • Standard available with laser etched 1D rack barcode
  • Secure and safe locking system
  • Twist-Lock
  • Tapered wells allow precise tube placement into racks (sure shot design)
  • Open rack bottom
  • Compatible with the Micronic Tracxer Code Readers
  • Class 7 clean room production
  • RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free

Available options:

  • Sterile, gamma radiated (15 kGy Avg.) or EtO treated
  • Customized 1D rack barcode

Material: Highest Purity PC
Rack height: 15mm
Height w/ high cover: 31.7mm
Chemical resistance: ++ / +
Temperature range: Vapor phase LN2 to + 100°C

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Article nr Name Unit size Case size in units Price Order Offer
MPW51013BC3 Loborack-96 White, Laser etched (including low cover) (Barcoded A1-H1 side) 10 racks 4 Offer
MPW51004BC3 Loborack-96 White, Laser etched (including standard cover) (Barcoded A1-H1 side) 10 racks 1 Offer
MPW51015BC3 Loborack-96 White, Laser etched (with high cover) (Barcoded A1-H1 side) 10 racks 4 Offer