LabCollector Sample Tracking System

LabCollector is a unique out-of-the-box Laboratory Sample Management System (LSMS) made for scientists, enabling them to reorganize and track tubes and samples in just minutes. LabCollector is compatible with 1D rack barcode and 2D tube code scanning, in turn allowing you to catalog samples that have been scanned by lab equipment such as readers and scanners. The main concept behind LabCollector is that each scientist in the lab can manage data and information quickly and make it available to the rest of the lab community. Via Intranet support, data can be accessed from any connected computer in the lab, which accelerates information retrieval.

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Superior features:

  • Modular-based system

  • Manage samples, equipment, reagents, and more

  • Web-based access

  • 1D and 2D Data-Matrix code compatible

  • Central information database

  • Quick information retrieval

  • Customizable to match the workflow of your laboratory

  • Alerts system

  • Cross-database searches

  • Uniform data presentation

  • Data reports export (screen and MS-Excel)

  • Upgradable

  • One license per database covers all the lab users

  • Micronic Tracxer Code Reader Software fully integrated

System requirements: 

  • Windows XP/Vista/Seven/Win8, Linux, Unix and macOS X 10.x. and many others

  • Recent Internet browser with Ajax technology support: Internet Explorer > 8, Firefox > 10, Opera >8 or Safari 2, etc.

LabCollector Key Features

Built around independent modules that can interact with each other, LabCollector manages various useful lab information designed for day-to-day accessibility. LabCollector helps you oversee sample storage by keeping track of each aliquot activity, rendering biobanking more streamlined than ever before. Here’s how:

Management Modules

Information and stock management are conducted on a modular basis. End-users have been kept in mind, which means no informatics skills are required, and the sample tracking system can be used immediately without complex configurations or extended learning phases. It directly connects to the LabCollector equipment module to prevent conflicts in schedule from maintenance and research. The software interface is designed to be easy for technicians, scientists, and managers to find and review information.

The LabCollector LIMS is ready to use immediately, although customization is possible for seamless adaption to your data schemes.

Storage System

The LabCollector ELN add-on is an efficient notebook for storing and managing all of your experiments and functions as an excellent replacement or complement to paper notebooks. This sample tracking system lets you create and use templates for your most common experiments.

Stock localization is managed and defined straightforwardly. Box cell grid places can be defined by point & click, and any box configuration can be determined. Lab storage places can be navigated with a browser tree.

Barcoding and Mobility

All data stored is identified by a barcode, allowing for quick information search and retrieval. This sample tracking system is capable of generating linear or 2D barcodes. It also features wireless access from PDA devices, so comprehensive knowledge of tube contents is possible everywhere.

Security and Traceability

History logs are stored to track and review user activity on LabCollector databases. A backup method is provided for data storage on external and redundant media.

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