BaaySCI FlowTubes™ Flow Cytometry/FACS Tubes - FlowTubes™ with strainer cap

SKU: BY287T9005
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Made of crystal clear polystyrene, these 12x75mm FlowTubes™ are designed for Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting/ flow cytometry equipment including FACS systems from BD Biosciences. The diameter and wall thickness of the tube's neck is held to very tight tolerances to ensure consistent compatibility with the automated instrument. They are available withe the standard two-position culture cap, no cap at all, or with a cap that contains a 35µm nylon mesh screen, designed to assist in cell sorting/straining applications. These tubes are primarily used to collect dissociated sample for subsequent processing in automated flow cytometry instruments.• Compatible with FACS (BD) instruments • Available with 35µm strainer cap, standard cap, or no cap • Clear polystyrene • 5mL capacity

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FlowTubes™ with strainer cap

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