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Extended Length Roller Bottles

SKU: 229375
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The larger growth are of CELLTREAT's Extended Length Roller Bottles maximize valuable laboratory space and save time by reducing repetitive tasks. These bottles are ideal for large-scale cell growth.

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  • Each bottle has more than twice the cell growth area as a 850cm² size bottle
  • 4250cm² ESRB Roller Bottle offers the equivalent growth area of 5 standard 850cm² bottles, using 40% less plastic
  • Tissue Culture Treated Roller Bottles have uniform hydrophilic surface ideal for consistent cell attachment
  • Expanded Surface Roller Bottles (ESRB) feature horizontal ribs to bathe cells more evenly than bottles with vertical ribs
  • Large knurled cap for easy grip
  • Easy-to-read black printed graduations
  • 1800 and 4250cm² bottles fit into any roller apparatus that can accommodate 2 standard 850cm² bottles



1700cm² Tissue Culture Treated Roller Bottle, Vented Cap, Sterile



4250cm² Expanded Surface Tissue Culture Treated Roller Bottle, Vented Cap, Sterile


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