Lambda576 Information Marking System

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The AFYS3G Lambda576 is a first-of-its-kind automated laser marker designed to replace manual or automated tube labeling. It holds up to six ANSI/SLAS format racks, using a gripper arm and camera to position tubes for laser etching. The user-friendly software supports 2D codes, 1D barcodes, logos, text, and sample IDs, ensuring high-resolution, durable, and accurate markings. Compatible with 96-, 48-, and 24-well format tubes, the Lambda576 guarantees absolute sample traceability without the need for labels or ink ribbons. The markings are resistant against chemicals, mechanical abrasion and temperatures between +100ºC and -196ºC, ensuring sample traceability.

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Lambda576 Information Marking System Features

The AFYS3G Lambda576 is the first-of-its-kind automated laser marker, designed to replace manual or even automated application of tube labels which can be prone to error. This innovative laser marker can hold up to six ANSI/SLAS format racks of sample storage tubes at once. A gripper arm selects one tube from the rack and carries it to the camera. The camera then detects the laser-friendly part of the tube, guiding the gripper arm on how to position the tube in front of the laser. After positioning, the laser etches a permanent marking directly onto the tube’s surface.

User-Friendly Software: The intuitive software allows you to create, select, and laser a variety of markings, including 2D codes, 1D barcodes, logos, text, and sample IDs directly onto a tube’s surface. The intelligent user interface, featuring unique Play/Pause functionality, simplifies tube addition and removal, making it a durable, accurate, and reliable solution for marking labware.

Compatibility: The Lambda576 is compatible with tubes in 96-, 48-, and 24-well formats from various brands. This flexibility ensures that the system can be easily integrated into different lab environments and workflows.

Permanent and Durable Markings: Laser-engraved markings are inseparable from the tube’s surface, guaranteeing absolute sample traceability. The high-resolution and consistent markings are capable of displaying small text and can be engraved into non-transparent areas of sample storage tubes, making them readable regardless of sample type or color. The markings are resistant to chemicals, mechanical abrasion, and extreme temperatures between +100ºC and -196ºC, ensuring they remain intact and legible over time.

Versatile Engraving Capabilities: The Lambda576 can engrave various types of information, including shapes, logos, texts, codes, and batch IDs directly onto the tube surface. It can also etch information based on a 2D code and is capable of placing text on multiple areas of a vial, offering unparalleled versatility.

No Consumables Required: With the Lambda576, there is no need for changing labels or ink ribbons. This feature not only reduces operational costs but also ensures that the markings are permanent and cannot be separated from the plastic surface.

Walk-Away Automation: The system offers walk-away automation, allowing lab personnel to focus on other tasks while the Lambda576 handles the marking process. This efficiency boosts productivity and ensures consistent results.

Data Integration: The system supports CSV input/output, making it compatible with LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems). This integration facilitates seamless data management and enhances lab workflow efficiency.

Key Details:

  • Most durable, accurate and reliable solution to mark labware
  • Automatically mark up to 6 racks (ANSI/SLAS format) with sample storage tubes
  • Compatible with tubes in 96-, 48- and 24-well format from different brands
  • Laser engrave information such as: shapes, logos, texts, codes and batch IDs
  • Marks directly on the surface of labware
  • High resolution and consistent markings
  • Laser engraved markings cannot be separated from the plastic surface and can never wear off, guaranteeing ultimate sample traceability
  • No need for changing labels or ink ribbons
  • Walk-away automation
  • Intuitive software
  • CSV input/output (compatible with LIMS)

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