TPE Capclusters-96

SKU: N20300
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The Novitain TPE Capcluster is compatible with 96-well format tubes. The TPE Capcluster range is available in Natural, Purple, and Grey, providing for visual color identification.

The Capcluster-96 is a sheet of 96 push caps that can be used to seal an entire rack of 96 tubes at once. After the capcluster is used to seal a rack of push cap tubes, the foil backing can be removed to leave each tube individually capped. The Novitain TPE Capcluster for tubes in 96-well format is compatible with the Novitain 1.40ml round bottom tube.

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  • Several TPE cap formats are available: the Capcluster-96 and the Capband-8 or -12.
  • USP’s
  • Multi-pierceable without losing seal integrity
  • Cost-effective, economical solution for sample storage at temperatures down to -80°C
  • Compatible with Novitain 96-well format tubes
  • Resists chemical solvents
  • RNase/DNase/Pyrogens, free of any detectable RNase or DNase contamination and the endotoxin level of produced and packaged labware is limited to an acceptable minimum (< 0.01 EU/ml)
  • Class 7 Clean Room, Novitain labware is manufactured and assembled in-house in a NEN-EN-ISO14644-1 Class 7 certified clean room environment



Pierceable TPE Capcluster Purple for capping 96 individual tubes

10 clusters/unit

24 units/case


Pierceable TPE Capcluster Naturel for capping 96 individual tubes

10 clusters/unit

24 units/case


Pierceable TPE Capcluster Grey for capping 96 individual tubes

10 clusters/unit

24 units/case


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