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Range of tubes for the storage of samples
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Range of tubes for the storage of samples
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Sample Tubes

Sample tubes are an instantly recognizable symbol of science for a reason — they’re used across disciplines and have myriad uses. At diaago, we have an array of storage tubes available from our partner Micronic, which has manufactured high-quality, innovative storage solutions for over 30 years. They offer a complete line of sample storage tubes that fit in the 96-well, 48-well, or 24-well standard rack formats.

Screw Cap Test Tubes

Screw cap test tubes are a popular choice due to the security that they provide for your samples. They can be either internally or externally threaded. The externally threaded tubes are available with 2D Data-Matrix coding for long-term storage and traceability. All tubes are manufactured with medical-approved, virgin polypropylene vinyl, and they exhibit ultra-low protein binding compared to competitors’ tubes.  

Cryogenic Tubes 

Cryogenic tubes are sample tubes that can withstand ultra-low temperatures. They are meant to be able to be stored in vapor state liquid nitrogen. Cryo tubes can be used to store cell samples and other biological materials for a prolonged period. You can choose from either internally or externally threaded cryotubes. With a variety of colors available, you’ll be able to instantly identify your specimens.

Options Available for Sample Tubes

You have a number of different options for standard test tubes to choose from:

  • Internally or externally threaded

  • Range of volume: From as low as 0.50 mL to as high as 6.00 mL

  • V-bottom or U-bottom

  • Non-coded or alphanumeric coded

  • Push caps, screw caps, or low profile screw caps

  • Amber tubes (for light-sensitive samples)

Micronic also offers the following additional options for their test tubes:

  • Gamma Irradiation Sterilization: This process ensures a SAL of 10-6, or a one-millionth probability of microbial survival.

  • Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Treatment Sterilization: When you need to ensure that your sample tubes are completely DNA-free, 

  • Snap Tubes: For no extra charge, tubes may be locked into the rack to prevent sample loss from overturned racks. 

  • Pre-Capped: All tubes may be pre-capped upon request. There are 12 different colors to choose from for ease of visual identification.

  • Pre-Racked: All tubes can be pre-racked upon request and come with a laser-etched 1D rack barcode or custom code.

Find Sample Tubes and More at diaago

At diaago, it is our mission to help make the process of getting the supplies you need for your lab as efficient and straightforward as possible. Our team members have experience working with scientists like you. We will consider all of the details about your specific field of study, laboratory, and current project so that we can find the ideal solution. Whether you need storage solutions like sample tubes or a LIMS system to keep track of everything, we can find products that fit your needs while working within your budget. Browse our full catalog of supplies online, or reach out to us today via our contact form or by phone.